Course Advisors are available Mon-Fri during typical business hours (PST) and weekend appointments are available upon special request (email [email protected] to request).

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Meet with Kelly

As soon as I learned more about the curriculum offered and the foundation of the program, I knew it was what I had been looking for for a while. After FDN, every aspect of my life changed for the better, including my career and health/wellness.

I've always had a passion for helping others and attempted the nursing route in college. After working as a Certified Nursing Assistant and seeing the downfalls and restraints of the modern healthcare system I pivoted to a career in Advertising. After working in the industry for several years I knew it was not fulfilling for me and started looking for alternative options in the health and wellness space.

Like most, I have faced my own health challenges and I loved the idea that FDN would be able to help me with my own personal health journey while building out a strong testimonial for future clients that I could truly speak to. I was no stranger to lab tests and found the way FDN incorporated them as well as gave you the ability to order them for clients was exactly what I had been looking for.

I think after doing some research on the program you will find FDN could be exactly what you are looking for too! Schedule a call with me if you would like to discuss potentially joining the program so you can decide if FDN is the right fit for you!

Meet with Jess

Jess has a background in communications and sales. She came to FDN to help her own health dealing with an autoimmune disease (Ulcerative Colitis) for over 20 years knowing that there has to be another way than just relying on and maintaining with medications.

"FDN has been life-changing for me and my family. I have a much better understanding of how to help my autoimmune disease with natural protocols, lifestyle, and lab testing to make sure my holistic strategies are tailored to helping me heal myself and thrive. This spilled over to also helping my family and clients once I got a hold on my own health."

Jess graduated from the FDN course at the end of 2018 and became so passionate about the FDN philosophy has come to work with other prospective students to help them realize their career goals in helping themselves and others through this training.

Meet with Barbara M.

Prior to becoming a health coach, Barbara was a writer, with a background in Communications and Journalism. Despite her love for words, she was also struggling with her health for a long time.

At the age of 13, she was diagnosed with a severe eating disorder and lost her period for over 14 years, as well as developing hypothyroidism. She had also fought through drug addiction, alcohol and self harm, but her passion for health pulled her through, resulting into her health coaching and nutrition certifications through the IIN and FDN.

Today, she is a women's health coach with a specialization in women's hormones and metabolic disorders by focusing on a food first approach and is passionate about empowering and educating others to take health into their own hands.

Meet with Evan

Evan Transue searched far and wide (literally) to find a system that would work for his chronic physical and mental health issues. After suffering for over 13 years and trying everything from western medicine, to naturopathic doctors, to getting different holistic health certifications, Evan still found himself stuck. His health got so bad that, although he was once a kid who had received one of the highest scores in the state of Pennsylvania on a standardized test, he became someone unable to even finish high school, leaving school only 17 days into his senior year.

After high school, he took things into his own hands. He tried every diet you can imagine, spent thousands on supplements, and even tried another certification program. These helped move him in the right direction, but he was still far from being where he wanted to be with his health. Completely fed up, he convinced his best friend to travel out to California with him from Pennsylvania with only $1200 to their names. There, he found someone who completely changed EVERYTHING for him, and she was a, you guessed it, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner.

After grabbing lunch with this woman, Evan immediately decided to go through the course. For the first time in his life, he got actual ANSWERS to his chronic health issues. His cystic acne cleared, his anxiety subsisted, and he was no longer trapped in the grip of major depressive disorder. He has also been symptom free of a disease that he was told was incurable for several years. Just as importantly, FDN has given him a career he is truly excited about!

Evan is extremely passionate about what the FDN system has done for his personal life and health, and loves sharing more information with anyone who will listen! He believes that if you're tired of stumbling around in the functional health space and spending thousands of dollars on courses that only teach ONE or TWO pieces of the puzzle, then FDN is right for you!