Course Advisors are available Mon-Fri during typical business hours (PST) and weekend appointments are available upon special request (email [email protected] to request).

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Meet with Kelly

As soon as I learned more about the curriculum offered and the foundation of the program, I knew it was what I had
been looking for for a while. After FDN, every aspect of my life changed for the better, including my career and health/wellness.

Meet with Jess

Jess has a background in communications and sales. She came to FDN to help her own health dealing with an
autoimmune disease (Ulcerative Colitis) for over 20 years knowing that there has to be another way than just relying on and
maintaining with medications.

"FDN has been life-changing for me and my family. I have a much better understanding of how to help my autoimmune disease
with natural protocols, lifestyle, and lab testing to make sure my holistic strategies are tailored to helping me heal myself and
thrive. This spilled over to also helping my family and clients once I got a hold on my own health."

Jess graduated from the FDN course at the end of 2019 and became so passionate about the FDN philosophy has come to
work with other prospective students to help them realize their career goals in helping themselves and others through this training.

Meet with Nick

Nick has a background in finance and a passion for health and fitness. A routinely active athlete, he came to FDN after being stopped
in his tracks out of nowhere by Lyme disease that left him constantly physically and mentally exhausted and struggling to perform
routine daily functions. By following the foundational principles of FDN taught in the course he was able to regain control of his health
and start enjoying life again.

Nick fell in love with the FDN community early on and graduated from the FDN course at the beginning of 2021. His mission is to help
as many people as possible become their own health advocates and realize their career goals through FDN.

Meet with Barbara

Prior to becoming a health coach, Barbara was a writer, with a background in Communications and Journalism. Despite her love for
words, her passion for health pulled her into health coaching and nutrition. Today, she is a women's health coach with a specialization
in women's hormones and metabolic disorders. She graduated from the FDN in January 2021, and is passionate about empowering
and educating others to take health into their own hands.