The Galecia Group

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BookPoints Summer Reading Call w/ Jim
Learn more about BookPoints, our online summer reading application that can be used to build custom summer reading websites for readers of all ages. BookPoints is open source, mobile-friendly, and has been used by dozens of libraries and tens of thousands of readers across the US!
Galecia Call w/ Lori: Library Master Planning
The Galecia Group works with library systems updating their Master Plan. We can help you plan how central sorters will change how you do materials handling and assist with designing facilities that incorporate new materials handling technologies like library sorters and self-service check-in.
Galecia Call w/ Lori: Materials Handling & Self Service
The Galecia Group works with aspects of material handling from self-service technologies to automation technologies such as sorters and RFID. We're happy to help you with whatever your materials handling challenges might be!
Galecia Call w/Lori: RFID Technology
The Galecia Group has been advocating for libraries vis-a-vis RFID since well before the NISO standards were adopted in 2012. We can help you understand when RFID makes sense and when it doesn't and what it means (and costs) to implement it at your library.
Galecia Call w/ Jim: Websites, Data, Apps, & Maps
The Galecia Group has offered website and application development services to libraries and consortia for nearly a decade, with a focus on online maps and open data. Let's chat about your library's digital strategy or a specific project that you have in mind!