Create Booking Links for Classes, Groups & More

New Feature

AppointmentCore’s capacity feature allows you to create booking links for classes, webinars, and other events with multiple attendees.


The Capacity setting allows you to customize the attendance for your appointments. Have a class with 10 available slots? Your booking link will keep the time open until the limit you set. You can:


  • Customize attendance for your Booking Links. Make your automated appointment-setting process work for you unique business with group attendance for your booking links.
  • Track remaining spaces for each time slot. Stay on top of your appointments – and your attendees through AppointmentCore’s attendance monitoring.
  • Time Slots Open Until Slot is Full. Stop managing your group appointments. With AppointmentCore’s group bookings, once a time slot is full, it’s automatically removed from your availability.
  • Automated Text and Email Messages to All Attendees. Make sure your attendees are up-to-date and that everyone shows up with trigger automations sent to all of your attendees.