Create Time Slots for Your Appointment

Let your prospects and customers know when you’re available to meet with them by creating time slots. With time slots, people can schedule themselves in or let the software schedule automatically based on your availability, or a combination of both. AppointmentCore lets you specify times you will be available for appointments. It also checks your calendar to automatically display only the times you’re free. You can create openings any day of the week, weekdays only, or a specific date range. Your availability will be based not just on some settings in a piece of software, but on your real-time schedule.

Your Prospect or Customer Selects Their Time Slot

Prospects will be able to see time slots you are available. Then, they can select an appointment that works for their schedule. AppointmentCore will create the appointment for you, and automatically email both you and the prospect or customer with your meeting details. No more playing email or phone tag to find a time that works. Simply select which timeslots are available, send this out to your contacts, and they can choose from the times you set.

Appointments Are Added to Infusionsoft Automatically

When someone schedules with you using AppointmentCore, the appointment will be automatically created in Infusionsoft for you. Now your CRM becomes even more powerful, because your prospects and clients can book themselves right into your schedule. They will only be able to book times when you don’t already have another appointment, so you won’t double book!

Create Conferencing Event Automatically

By connecting your favorite conferencing tool to AppointmentCore you will be able to automatically create conference invitations for contacts. This means no more manually creating invitations. Just set the options when creating your scheduling link to connect to Zoom, GoToMeeting, or WebEx. Then, when a person schedules for a time slot, both they and you will be sent the invitation automatically.

Generate a Link that Can be Used For Existing Infusionsoft Contacts

We create an automation link to send to your existing Infusionsoft list from within Infusionsoft. Use this automation link in individual emails, email blasts, or campaigns in Infusionsoft. Your prospect or customer won’t need to enter contact details with this method, because the person is an existing Infusionsoft contact. When they click on your AppointmentCore scheduling link, all they have to do is choose a time slot. We’ll link the appointment to their contact record, and send you both email confirmation.

Choose How Long Before an Open Slot Someone can Schedule

You pick how close to an appointment people should be able to book. Let’s say you want a person only to be able to schedule at least two days in advance: select 48 hours. When they schedule on AppointmentCore, appointments less than 48 hours in the future will be hidden from the person scheduling. This helps you prevent last minute scheduling. For less notice, you can select a shorter time.

AppointmentCore Calendar Shows You Your Appointments at a Glance

Within AppointmentCore, your dashboard calendar shows all of your appointments at a glance. Your Infusionsoft Appointments are now available in the same place as the appointments that customers or prospects schedule using your AppointmentCore links. With an easy to read list of today’s Appointments, this Calendar is your home base for creating new appointment slots.

Buffer Time Gives You Time to Prepare Between Meetings

Buffer time allows you to set an amount of time to let you prepare before or wrap-up after an appointment. For example, you can schedule 50 minute appointments, with 10 minutes at the end, or 50 minute appointments with 5 minutes to prepare at the beginning, and 5 minutes to wrap-up. We’ll automatically add this space before and/or after your appointments as you set it. This way, you’re always prepared for your appointments.

As Your Calendar Fills Up, Only Free Slots Will Be Shown

You can send the same appointment request link to as many contacts as you like without worrying about double-booking. AppointmentCore will not allow booking in a time slot where there’s already an appointment. You can feel free to continue making appointments in Infusionsoft, and AppointmentCore will update your availability to ensure people can only schedule meetings when you’re free.

You List Availability in Your Timezone, They Book in Theirs

How do you solve the problem of scheduling across timezones? AppointmentCore has a solution for you. When you specify your available times and dates, you will do this in your own timezone. Then, when you share a scheduling link with your prospects or customers, they will be able to see your availability in their own timezone. This eliminates the need to calculate time difference, all in an intuitive scheduling interface.

Rotate Your Team’s Availability

With AppointmentCore, you can automatically rotate the availability of your team members. Simply specify which team members to include, and AppointmentCore will check their calendars and provide openings when at least one person is available. If a prospect wants to meet at a certain time, the software will find the team member who’s available and open up the slot. This gives your team the freedom to keep to their preferred schedule, while providing your prospects and customers the greatest selection of available appointment times.

Integrate with AppointmentCore’s API

AppointmentCore is a great productivity tool all by itself. And now you can go beyond automated appointment setting and give it super powers by using our API to integrate it with other software. Create add-ons and expanded functionality. You’re only limited by your creativity. Currently, API is available upon request within Enterprise accounts. Keep an eye out for more great features coming soon.

Easy to Use Conference and Calendar Integrations

Create Conferencing Event Automatically

By connecting your conferencing tool to AppointmentCore you will be able to automatically create invitations that include conferencing. When a person schedules an appointment with you, both of you will automatically receive the invitation. This means no more manually creating invitations.


We integrate with your favorite Calendars

Now, you can make scheduling appointments easier by inviting prospects or clients to book with you when you’re free in your most-used calendars. Simply connect these services in your AppointmentCore account, and we’ll automatically check your availability. Then, prospects or customers can select from the slots that are still free at the time they book. We update your real-time availability so you can focus on other important parts of your business