Take the Hassle Out of Scheduling.

No more back and forth trying to find a time that works.
No more setting up Google or Infusionsoft calendar events.
No more configuring conference calls or GoToMeetings.

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Voted Infusionsoft’s #1 Best App Battle of The Apps Champion 2013

  • Let AppointmentCore do the work for you.
  • AUTOMATED custom text message & email reminders
  • FREE conference call lines set up automatically
  • GoToMeeting adds to calendars fluidly and automatically
  • Syncs with actual Google or Infusionsoft calendar in REAL-TIME!

Why Our Customers Say We Are The Best

Appointment Core is a very welcome addition to the Automation Core family of products. It is very easy to set up and integrate with your Infusionsoft app.

Bottom line is, I recommend it to all my clients who are looking for a complete appointment scheduling solution. Awesome app!

Laura Tallman - CompanyName

I subscribed to Appointmentcore as soon as I heard about it - at last year's InfusionCon. I was wasting so much 'back-and-forth' time trying to schedule appointments with my prospects during our nurturing and conversion process. Appointmentcore gives them times I'm available in their time zone - BRILLIANT. This is a great tool that's made a big difference in my ability to schedule more Contacts into meetings faster and with less effort.

Michael Mills - CompanyName

We recently converted from Genbook to AppointmentCore. Genbook was a great platform for us but offered NO Infusionsoft integration OR access to API. As much as we liked Genbook, AppointmentCore has turned out to be even a far BETTER solution! The integration to Infusionsoft saves us time-consuming manual intervention into Campaign Builder.

Tom Bottorf - CompanyName

This is an amazing app!!! You can start automation from an appointment that is set by a customer which is huge. It doesn't matter where your customers are in the world either it will pick up on their location and show the correct time zone for them. If they want to see the calendar in another time zone then they can easily change the time zone. This application is perfectly for InfusionSoft even down to the how the custom fields are passed into the application so you can use date timers to trigger actions in the campaign builder properly.

Chris Austin - CompanyName

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