New Fix Your Funnel Integration

New Feature

This new integration will allow you to create automated text message campaigns for your appointments. When a prospect or client books an appointment, AppointmentCore can trigger custom text message campaigns with keyword triggers, reminders, and replies. And the best part is, it’s automatic!



This new integration is filled with great features:


  • Local numbers for your automated text messages. Give your automated text messages a personalized touch with a dedicated, local number.
  • Each user can integrate a phone number. To make sure your prospects and clients get messages from the right team members by allowing each user to use her dedicated, local FixYourFunnel number.
  • Create automated text message campaigns for your appointments. Create personalized, custom automated text message campaigns using your existing FYF campaigns or new campaigns for each Booking Link.
  • Live texting with your prospects and clients. Stay in touch in real time with your prospects and clients with live texting from your FYF number.