Schedule Appointments Directly from Infusionsoft

New Feature

This new feature gives you another way to easily add appointments to your calendar. Infusionsoft users can access their Booking Links directly from Infusionsoft Contact Records, providing streamlined appointment-setting.


This new plugin will make your CRM even more powerful:

  • Add AppointmentCore Appointments. Give yourself options for quick scheduling by enabling the Infusionsoft Browser Plugin, which allows you to book appointments with your contacts directly from Infusionsoft.
  • Get More from Infusionsoft. Utilize Infusionsoft and integrate your booking links into your Infusionsoft Contact records.
  • Book Appointments from Infusionsoft. Streamline your appointment-setting process by making new appointments directly from Infusionsoft.
  • Easy to Enable Plugin. Give yourself hassle-free options for scheduling appointments from Infusionsoft.
  • Improve Internal Scheduling. Use AppointmentCore for internal scheduling through the Infusionsoft Plugin.