Send Time-based Automated Messages through Infusionsoft

New Feature

We’re giving you even more options for how you communicate with your prospects and clients after they book an appointment with you. Now you can create time-based triggers in AppointmentCore to send emails, texts, http post and other activities based on a set of event options such as “after appointment is booked” “after appointment date time” “after reschedule” etc.


  • Triggers based on Your Events. Send your message at the right stage of your appointment setting process – whether before the appointment, after they book, and more!
  • Send Automated Emails. It’s easier than ever to send emails and text messages to your prospects and clients, and it’s all automatic.
  • You Decide When to Send. Send your messages at the right time, every time. You decide when to send the message, whether 1 day before the trigger event, 1 hour before, or any other option for your appointment-setting process.