January 13, 2014 – 12:00pm Eastern Standard Time
If you’re using a scheduling link with the URL starting with “scheduleyou.in”, we are currently experiencing a service disruption related to this domain name only.We are assure you we are doing all we can to resolve this as soon as possible. We will notify you when this is resolved for all users.

Option 1 (slightly technical):

  • If you are using a scheduling link such as “www.scheduleyou.in/B7BEE5k” please update this to use ”http://appointmentcore.com/app/freeslots/B7BEE5k”
  • The combination of “http://appointmentcore.com/app/freeslots/” and the unique appointment identifier: B7BEE5k continues to function properly.
  • Any new links you copy from within AppointmentCore will automatically use this format for the present time.


Option 2 (less technical)

  • Log into your AppointmentCore account.
  • Click Existing Requests
  • Click “Copy link to Clipboard” for the scheduling requests you’d like to update:
  • Copying a schedule request link

We are sorry for any inconvenience, and are working to resolve this as soon as possible.


Jonathan Greenstein
Product Manager