AppointmentCore Now Integrates with ZOOM

New Feature


Automate the scheduling of your ZOOM meetings

Listen to a message from our CEO and Founder, Benji Rabhan:


We are excited to announce that AppointmentCore now integrates directly into ZOOM.

Users spoke and we listened.

We took all the great things we learned in our GoToMeeting and Webex integrations and built them out into our new ZOOM integration.

When a prospect or client books a time with you, AppointmentCore will automatically create a ZOOM unique link and access code and insert the information into the calendar event details and meeting notifications for you and your customer.

Send Time-based Automated Messages through Infusionsoft

New Feature

We’re giving you even more options for how you communicate with your prospects and clients after they book an appointment with you. Now you can create time-based triggers in AppointmentCore to send emails, texts, http post and other activities based on a set of event options such as “after appointment is booked” “after appointment date time” “after reschedule” etc.


  • Triggers based on Your Events. Send your message at the right stage of your appointment setting process – whether before the appointment, after they book, and more!
  • Send Automated Emails. It’s easier than ever to send emails and text messages to your prospects and clients, and it’s all automatic.
  • You Decide When to Send. Send your messages at the right time, every time. You decide when to send the message, whether 1 day before the trigger event, 1 hour before, or any other option for your appointment-setting process.






Sync AppointmentCore with Your Exchange Server

New Feature

Now you can sync your Exchange Server calendars with AppointmentCore. This new enterprise-level feature creates a real-time, two-way sync so your exchange calendars are always up-to-date.


With this new feature, you can:

  • Sync your Outlook, for Windows or Mac through Microsoft Exchange.
    AppointmentCore checks your real time availability from Outlook and adds appointments automatically through your Exchange server.
  • Decide which calendars impact your availability in AppointmentCore. You can prevent prospects and clients from double booking appointments when you are already busy. The real-time sync means AppointmentCore will only create time slots when you’re actually available.

Schedule Appointments Directly from Infusionsoft

New Feature

This new feature gives you another way to easily add appointments to your calendar. Infusionsoft users can access their Booking Links directly from Infusionsoft Contact Records, providing streamlined appointment-setting.


This new plugin will make your CRM even more powerful:

  • Add AppointmentCore Appointments. Give yourself options for quick scheduling by enabling the Infusionsoft Browser Plugin, which allows you to book appointments with your contacts directly from Infusionsoft.
  • Get More from Infusionsoft. Utilize Infusionsoft and integrate your booking links into your Infusionsoft Contact records.
  • Book Appointments from Infusionsoft. Streamline your appointment-setting process by making new appointments directly from Infusionsoft.
  • Easy to Enable Plugin. Give yourself hassle-free options for scheduling appointments from Infusionsoft.
  • Improve Internal Scheduling. Use AppointmentCore for internal scheduling through the Infusionsoft Plugin.

New Fix Your Funnel Integration

New Feature

This new integration will allow you to create automated text message campaigns for your appointments. When a prospect or client books an appointment, AppointmentCore can trigger custom text message campaigns with keyword triggers, reminders, and replies. And the best part is, it’s automatic!



This new integration is filled with great features:


  • Local numbers for your automated text messages. Give your automated text messages a personalized touch with a dedicated, local number.
  • Each user can integrate a phone number. To make sure your prospects and clients get messages from the right team members by allowing each user to use her dedicated, local FixYourFunnel number.
  • Create automated text message campaigns for your appointments. Create personalized, custom automated text message campaigns using your existing FYF campaigns or new campaigns for each Booking Link.
  • Live texting with your prospects and clients. Stay in touch in real time with your prospects and clients with live texting from your FYF number.


Customize Your Automated Appointment-Setting Process

New Feature

With this new feature, you can add custom text and instructions to your Booking Link pages. With the new Header and Footer fields, you can add text, html, or css to provide your prospects and clients with the information they need, in the stye you want.


  • Easily add a custom message or instructions. A custom heading puts your message prominently in front of your prospects and clients when they book appointments through your automated schedule.
  • HTML & CSS Styling. Create a custom look to your Booking Links that reflects your brand through HTML and CSS styling to your header and footer messages and instructions.




Customize Your Appointment Start Times

New Feature

We’ve added two new ways to customize your appointment start times to give you greater flexibility with your schedule. First, now you can round appointment start times to the interval you choose; and second, you can create multiple start times within the same block of available time to give your prospects and clients more options for when to meet.


Now you can:

  • Start Your Appointments When You Want. Now you can set appointment start times to start at the intervals you want, whether that means 5 minutes after the hour or on the hour. Automatic Time Rounding means you can create clean options for your available time slots based on your preferences.
  • Multiple Start Times Mean More Options. Give your prospects and clients more options and more flexibility based on your real time availability by creating multiple start times within the same available time slots.
  • More Options for Shared Booking Links. Give your prospects and clients more options and more flexibility based on your team’s real time availability by creating multiple start times within the same available time slots.


Create Booking Links for Classes, Groups & More

New Feature

AppointmentCore’s capacity feature allows you to create booking links for classes, webinars, and other events with multiple attendees.


The Capacity setting allows you to customize the attendance for your appointments. Have a class with 10 available slots? Your booking link will keep the time open until the limit you set. You can:


  • Customize attendance for your Booking Links. Make your automated appointment-setting process work for you unique business with group attendance for your booking links.
  • Track remaining spaces for each time slot. Stay on top of your appointments – and your attendees through AppointmentCore’s attendance monitoring.
  • Time Slots Open Until Slot is Full. Stop managing your group appointments. With AppointmentCore’s group bookings, once a time slot is full, it’s automatically removed from your availability.
  • Automated Text and Email Messages to All Attendees. Make sure your attendees are up-to-date and that everyone shows up with trigger automations sent to all of your attendees.


Add Your Booking Links to Your Website

New Feature

AppointmentCore gives you an easy-to-use widget to add to your website in seconds! The widget embeds your booking link to your website, giving you the ability to integrate your automated schedule into your online marketing efforts.


You can:

  • Easy-to-Use Widget. Give your prospects and clients the ability to book appointments from your website with AppointmentCore’s easy-to-use widget.
  • Create Custom Landing Pages. Give your clients options when they book from your website by integrating all of your booking links with AppointmentCore’s easy-to-use widget.
  • Your Customers Never Leave Your Site. Don’t lose your prospects by sending them away from your page to book an appointment – let them do it directly from your website and keep them in your funnel.

Accept Payments with Stripe

New Feature

Now you can integrate your Stripe account to accept payments through AppointmentCore. When your prospects and customers book an appointment, you can accept payments at the same time, saving you the hassle manually taking care of it yourself and making it easier for your prospects and customers at the same time.


With this new integration, you can:

  • Create a Custom Payment System. Stop handling payments manually. With Stripe, your prospects and clients can pay a deposit or the full amount when they book the appointment.
  • Make it Easy. Stripe’s clean interface makes it easy for your prospects and clients to enter their payment details.
  • Accept Payments from Around the World. Give yourself options. You can accept payments in your currency – or the currency of your customers – to keep your business moving across the globe.

Make It Easy for Your Prospects and Clients to Cancel & Reschedule

New Feature

Now you can give your clients the option to cancel or reschedule meetings.

Sometimes schedules change. With AppointmentCore’s new cancellation and rescheduling options, you can give your prospects and customers the ability to reschedule or cancel appointments without the need for back-and-forth emails or phone calls.



  • Make it easy for your prospects & clients. AppointmentCore gives them an easy-to-use link in their automatic confirmation email after booking an appointment.
  • Integrate with Infusionsoft campaigns. Stay in touch after a customer reschedules or cancels an appointment by utilizing your Infusionsoft campaigns to create automated messages, tasks, or other sequences.
  • Be prepared for last minute changes. Stay prepared for last minute changes by including the reschedule and cancel link in your automated email and text message reminders.
  • Keep your prospects and clients in your funnel. Let your prospects and clients know you’re on top of your schedule by sending automated emails and text messages they reschedule or cancels an appointment.


Send Automated Emails & Text Messages

New Feature

Stop sending manual email and text messages to your prospects and clients. With AppointmentCore’s Trigger Automations, you can create text and email messages about your appointments when you want, and it’s all automatic!


  • Send messages at the right time. Automated messages, perfectly timed. AppointmentCore sends the messages when you want, whether a day before, an hour before, or right after an appointment.
  • Send messages at different stages. Stay in touch with your prospects and clients by sending custom messages at the age of your appointment-setting process.
  • Select Your Audience. Keep the right people up to date by sending automated messages to the audience that matters, from just your prospects or clients or you and your team.
  • Personalize Your Automated Messages. Give your prospects and clients a personalized touch through custom automated emails and text messages.


Make Yourself Look Busy, Even When You’re Not

New Feature

Show your clients and prospects just how valuable your time is. With the new Make Me Look Busy feature, you can limit the number of time slots that appear at any given time. It means you’ll look busy, even if you’re not.


With Make Me Look Busy, you can:

  • Give the Right Number of Options. Fewer options = better decisions. Make sure your prospects and clients have the right number of options when they book appointments with you.
  • Keep your real availability to yourself. Prevent your prospects and clients from seeing your full availability by limiting the number of time slots they see when they book an appointment.
  • Send the Right Message. Show your prospects and clients how valuable your time is by limiting the number of available time slots, even when your schedule is free.

Automatically Share or Distribute Appointments

New Feature

Your entire team can share a booking link and AppointmentCore will distribute appointments among the members.


It’s easy to set up. With one booking link, you can distribute appointments among all of your team members or set specific rules for who will attend. You can:

  • Automatically share booking links for joint meetings. Stop coordinating schedules manually by automatically coordinating join meetings based on the real time availability of each person who needs to attend.
  • Automatically distribute appointments. Stop coordinating complex schedules manually by automatically distributing appointments amongst your team members.
  • Stay informed when you team members have appointment. Stay informed when big appointments happen by automatically receiving invitations to the appointments you care about, even if your attendance isn’t required.

Automation Timers Made Easier


We have been asked a lot to make it easier to send emails as reminders for your prospects and customers. Even though we had integration with Infusionsoft, the feedback we got was that people would prefer not to have to go into Infusionsoft and create a campaign in order to be able to send reminder emails. We’ve listened and integrated automated timers right into AppointmentCore. These can be found in the “gather information & trigger automation” step of creating an appointment.

PS, there is an added benefit of using these automation timers, as of right now Infusionsoft only lets you send a day before reminder as the closest to the appointments other than, day of reminders. Within AppointmentCore’s built-in automation feature, you can send reminders set a certain amount of hours or minutes before the appointment

Hey, this is Crazy, but here’s my number, Text Me Maybe?

New Feature

Absolutely. In addition to email reminders, AppointmentCore now also lets you send text messages to your prospects or customers! These days so many people prefer text messages, that you can cater to this desire by sending reminder text messages when people book appointments with you.

New Compact Template view for your customer

New Feature

Now your customers can see your appointments in a new compact way which is great for mobile devices, easier to embed in small places, and easier to navigate between weeks or months. You can choose this new view from the “save, publish, share” step by clicking on the embed a widget area, and choosing “Compact List” from the drop-down.

Workaround for Infusionsoft Custom Field issue: “GoToMeeting join link” only


Our customers who have been inserting the GoToMeeting custom field in Infusionsoft have noticed that the spaces were being removed by Infusionsoft when they merged the fields into an email. So, in order to improve the display, we have added an option to only insert the GoToMeeting join link itself. This will make for a cleaner merge field, and hopefully happier customers.

We’ve made the Current Time display prettier and more compact


Listen, sometimes small changes need love and attention too. We decided to adjust the display of the current time in order to improve the look and feel of the scheduling pages. You’ll notice a new clock icon at the top of the scheduling page, and prospects and customers are now provided a message letting them know what we “think” their time zone is an inviting them to confirm or change it.

We Did an Inside Job!


By re-coding the software for drastic speed improvements, we cut the time Appointment requests take for you and your clients. The interface of AppointmentCore will look much the same, but faster.

Faster Server


Thanks to the growth and popularity of AppointmentCore, we needed a bigger, faster server. We moved AppointmentCore to a brand new server to give you and your customers the best experience.

Outlook Integrations available!

New Feature

There are several Outlook integrations available depending on what operating system and Outlook service you use. Please contact [email protected] for questions, and we’ll be happy to help you select the one that’s right for you!

Re-direct people to a ‘Thank you page’ after they book

New Feature

You can now add a thank you page to your appointment requests. At the Save, Publish, & Share step of an Appointment Request, click “Customize”. Then, simply input the url of your choice – then press save. Or, you can also specify a thank you page for every appointment request in your Settings, by clicking on Company Settings.